ombruja is a mantra to awaken your magic

OM: Sacred Sound, signifying the essence of the ultimate reality or consciousness.
BRUJA: - witch - the spiritual keeper of knowledge, a living legacy of her healing ancestry.

Bruja awakens during the new year of Samhain 10/31/22 coming out with her Digital Collectible Series Genesis.


Samhain: 10/31/22 

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Happy New Year Witches, and let the Wicca Wheel begin!  

A time better known as Halloween, only in modern times, but founded as Samhain, a festival to celebrate the start of the Wheel of the Year. An annual cycle of seasonal festivals, consisting of the year's solar events (solstices and equinoxes) and the midpoints between them.

Samhain, meaning "Summer's End" is the beginning of the spiritual new year. It welcomes the darkness, a necessary dimension to the enlightenment of the soul. 

Bruja is releasing 3 Open Editions of NFT's available on Nifty Gateway.

Samhain is the first spell of a total of 8 seasons, each dropping when the Wheel changes. 


Triple Goddess: 

  • Birth Chart reading to the first 25 mints. 

The Crone: 

  • Tarot/Oracle Card Reading to the first 25 mints.  

Bruja Coin 

  • Access to future drops to all holders. 

Yule: 12/21/22 

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BRUJA welcomes the Winter Solstice! known to some as Christmas season, Yule has been celebrated since the beginning of time in many traditions. 

During Yule, we reach the dept of the darkness we welcomed during Samhain, with the longest night of the year. Darkness has reached its peak. 

The festival is one of rebirth and the return of the Sun, it is the Sun's birthday! and a view into brighter days. From ancient times the giving and exchanging of gifts has been a vibrant tradition of this festival. 

The Mother: an aspect of the Triple Goddess 

The first 1/1 Auction of OMBRUJA is released featuring "The Mother" the second aspect of the Triple Goddess, here to birth the Sun and offering gifts for the next turn of the Wheel. 

Imbolc: 02/01/23

Imbolc is the celebration of light, it is the day you light up a candle in your soul as the first spark to new beginnings. The glow of a candle in the darkness symbolizes two important parts of the Imbolc season: the promise that the sun is lowly returning to its strength and the spark of fertile, creative energy at this time of the year. 

Candlemas (Imbolc) marks the return of the sun and the end of winter. At Yule, the goddess gave birth to the promised "Child of Light" the tiny God of the Sun. At Candlemas the Goddess nurses her son who is growing in power and strength. We celebrate the waxing sun and the beginning of Spring. Soon the Goddess will return from the Underworld and the Earth will be reborn. Candlemas is a celebration of hope, the light returns and Spring is just around the corner. This is a time of great anticipation and celebration of possibilities. New life is about to awaken in the earth, the earth is becoming ready to birth the seeds of new beginnings! The beauty and freshness of The Maiden is welcomed. An aspect of the triple Goddess of poetry, healing and crafts. 

Imbolc is celebrated and associated with global festivals including: 

  • Lantern Festival 
  • Candlemas 
  • End of the Chinese New Year
  • Farmer's Calendar begins! 

Fostering your inner light

The Maiden: 

Imbolc celebrates the return of the maiden aspect of the triple goddess and the exit of the crone (winter). Her aspect of youth and new beginnings. Her spirit is fiert and her message is that Spring is hear. Thank Goddess! She brings with her triumphant energy that magically awakes the green life. Here we mark the turning of the wheel, along with the Chinese Lunar New Year and all the other lunar-aware traditions, such as Groundhog Day, Candlemas and others! 

  • 3/3 Limited Edition photography of The Maiden holding the sacred light of knowledge, the power in poetry and the conviction of a new beginning. 

The Blessing: 

  • Open Edition animation of the Triple Goddess in the aspect of the Maiden. Photo-Animation blessed with an offering. 

The Candle: 

  • Animation & Meditation.

The Poem: 

  • The first AI prompt generated by Bruja activated with the @ombruja mantra. 

Next Drops! 

Ostara: 03/21/23


OMBRUJA Initiation Happened during Beltane 2020, after Beltane 2023 the drops on Nifty Gateway will be for Holders Only. 

Beltane: 05/01/23

- Crypto Bruja AllowList Opens



Special Edition with gifts for OMBRUJA Holders!

Litha: 06/21/23

Lughnasadh: 08/01/23

- OMBRUJA PFP Collection 

Mabon: 09/21/23

- OMBRUJA Oracle Deck Reveal