The Magic Tree

When Science & Technology ask for answers, they question magic. Magic is the unknown that speaks to the soul, the one who always knows. Magic is the gateway to spirituality, all forms of believes melted in the mycelium of mythology. The Magic Tree is the first collection by @ombruja. Shot by the Bruja, October 1st, 2021 in Exuma Bahamas, during the transition of a ritual in love.

"The shape of the tree appeared as a big angelic figure in the abism of the beach, it was dark and nothing else was shining but the stars and the moon, this unique presence moved and called upon us. When we approached it there was no physical lights nor any lights projecting on it, we realized the tree was glowing from the inside, shining upon us. The next day we learned that night the lights went out completely. Maybe it was the seaweed in the sea or maybe it was magic."

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