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Welcome to the Wellness Workshop series by @ombruja wellness coach Carolina Coto, the introduction workshop includes: 

  • Learn the introduction of mindfulness.
  • Wellness for Change, What is Wellness? 
  • Group Session for instant manifestation. 
  • Basics of meditation and Yoga flow
  • We will move our mind, we will move our body!
  • Release old patterns and start fresh.
  • Journaling 1/1: custom framework, using Stanford University creative method.
  • Warrior mentality: build resilience & past your comfort zone to the stretch zone. Athlete’s mentality for the win.
  • Build wellness internally to manifest from your highest self.
  • Tap into your purpose to serve in conscious action.
  • Bring: Yoga Mat, Water Bottle, Journal/Pen, Comfortable Clothing.
  • Secret Location to be announced when purchase is confirmed. 

We will be going deep with focus & commitment. We work in a community to keep each other accountable. 

Wellness for Change from @sacredavatars on Vimeo.