Becoming a Bruja

January 11th, 2020 at 11:00AM ET in New York City, right at the center of Saturn's and Pluto conjunction the vessel broke. 

I was meditating, sitting in the edge of my bed, and felt the depth of the calling that has been guiding my rituals for the past 2 years. 

The time is now, radical change, and the awaken of the ancient dorm leaders. What does all of this mean? I remember feeling the darkness I experienced during the Eclipse on December 24th, 2019. It felt like walking through my shadows. 

Waking up during the conjunction was just the beginning, the return of oneness despide of the living 3D-Duality that had us grounded in the fields of egocentrism. 

I took the leap and in and instant I was surrounded by 12 amazing and talented women, to share for the first time the magic of spiritual wellness. The pandemic was the driving force behind, pushing and rushing to the age of aquarius. 

I am now behind my computer, one day before launch, contemplating what got me here. Ready to leap again in this Aquarius new moon and to complete the calling. 

During Beltane, right at the peak of my solar return, I felt them. Each and every one of them, the Brujas, before and after me. I return to my vessel it repaired with the love of plant medicine, meditation and unconditional believe. 

Manifestations were present in my hands, my fingertips, through shapes and coding mechanisms. During Saturn and Jupiter great conjunction December 21st, 2020 it was fully enhanced and she came to life. 

The elements of the earth are not as we once knew them, our abilities to experience them either. The quantum leap got me in bed for most full moons of 2020, the downloads of a 7D vision completed my soul's code. 

Journaling through 5D has allowed the most complete arrival, the bridge in between 3D and 7D is the one we are on currently. Aquarius is the medium in which technology of the soul will know it's materialization. 

Becoming a BRUJA is the title of my spirit, one of the many living forces that thrive to the expansion of a new paradigm in which the spiritual is essentially and fundamentally a right of becoming.