ombruja is a mantra to awaken your magic, more than a brand an emerging community. 

OM: Sacred Sound, signifying the essence of the ultimate reality or consciousness.
BRUJA: - witch - the spiritual keeper of knowledge, a living legacy of her healing ancestry.

OMBRUJA is a pioneering Web3 brand at the forefront of developing both on-chain and off-chain products while actively engaging diverse niches. Rooted in a mantra aimed at awakening your magic, OMBRUJA's journey began amidst the pandemic, swiftly establishing its e-commerce platform and curating Yoga/Meditation and Oracle/Tarot Readings Experiences.

In a significant move in 2021, it introduced its inaugural NFT Collection, "Sacred Avatars," comprising 300 hand-drawn digital collectibles infused with spirituality and tailored for a curated community. This collection garnered support from notable figures such as A1 members, esteemed artists like ThankYouX, and influential investors like GMoney.

Continuing its trajectory, OMBRUJA made history in 2022 by becoming a publisher on Nifty Gateway, leading the curation for Art Basel, a milestone repeated in 2023 with the collection "The Art of Wellness".

Impressively, it achieved sellouts across more than 11 digital collectible collections, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader.

OMBRUJA's strategic partnerships with esteemed entities like GQ3, Time Pieces, and Seva Love underscore its commitment to innovation and excellence.

The launch of Crypto Brujas in 2024 stands as a pioneering case study in leveraging metadata, marking a significant milestone as it introduces the first phygital product of the year.