About us

Thank you so much for being here, right here, right now. Wherever you are, exhale all of your air out. Place your left hand on top of your heart and right hand right on you belly. Feel as the air comes out of your body, emptying your divine vessel, allow the next breathe in to be one of magic.

What does magic feel like in your body?

How can it heal, transform and awaken your deepest purpose in this earth. As you exhale your air and welcome the divine flame of being, please allow me to extend my most sincere appreciation for your existence. Thank you for existing, thank you for claiming your power and for allowing the light to guide your way and shine it to others. 

You are a divine force of the universe 

BRUJA came to complete download in exact correlation with the pandemic, right on March 2020. While I was in my New York City apartment, right in the heart of chaos at the time. I felt the invitation to sit and listen. I burn my sage, allowed the noise to quiet and sat with it. I remember one night crying at the feeling of those in hospitals, to those in need. I heard a very clear message that night: "Bruja en Acción" in spanish it means witch in action. I did not know what it meant back then but I knew I had to take action. 

"Bruja en Acción" 

Doing quarantine with my mother was one of the toughest and most rewarding experiences, I saw myself in her as she could see herself in me. It helped both of us go through a massive quantum healing. Her energy, my grandmother's and my great grandmother Virita (who is alive with 94 y/o) is in everything I do and I want to honor them and invite you to honor your own lineage. 

"Invite you to honor your own lineage"

Bruja en Accion led me to open the IG @ombruja, a mantra of its own. 
OM- sacred sound signifying the essence of the ultimate reality or consciousness.
BRUJA – witch – the spiritual keeper of knowledge, a living legacy of her healing ancestry. 
My mission is to eradicate the negative connotation of the archetype and to bring to life the one shining, loving and pure light that the BRUJA embodies.

My vision is to awaken your magic, your unique soul's calling. To provide data, signs, information for that journey. I want to give you a map of how to get there. I want to make it easier for you to commit into doing your own personal work. I want you to take power of your deepest mission in this earth and to carry on with it, because now more than ever you need yourself, your highest self. 

Now more than ever, together, we are building the new paradigm and I know you know, and I know that's why you are here. 

The Bruja