Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s death is link to neglect from the hospital after removing his gallbladder. Those who have experienced the New York hospital system, including the most “prestige” ones know one thing is certain:  the patient needs someone monitoring and making sure care is being properly provided. It is risky business leaving it to chance of someone who actually cares or trusting the medical professionals are keeping track of the last medicine. It does not work to the system and of that I have experience. That is a bigger problem, that I, personally, an artist, living by myself in NYC would trust AI to solve. In the event of having to be hospitalized and not having someone with me to care and keep track that they are actually doing things right. I would trust AI to be my voice of concern. Having a robot and or device I can bring with me that is pre-configured with my concerns, my medical data, self-aware and that can see and hear my surroundings and respond with questions to keep accountable. This data then would be accessed by my family members or person of trust and stored in a server. Hospitals would need to comply and therefore be liable but then a majority of private ones, pretty much all of them in the US, would have to agree and or end of providing that as a service. I would call it Andy honoring his memory, for ever.